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Wednesday, 26 August 2009 14:57
Thanks for the interest in Sues Cheviots!


Sues Cheviots was founded in the mid 1980's.   The 4 Elaine Vogt ewes pictured below  were purchased for the foundation. 

Sue's Cheviots was born.

The flock was grown with the addition of a few select stud rams, and very few select ewes.  The level of success in California was tremendous for a small flock, but was very limited on a National scale.

In 1999, some decisions were made.  and the logical choice was to go to one breed. Cheviots were the logical choice, as they were the easiest of the breeds to raise and required the fewest inputs,  the flock remained small but very powerful.  There were 5 original brood ewes that Dan refers to as the "Fab 5".  If you study the pedigrees, you'll see the impact the "Fab 5" has had on our program and on the Cheviot Breed.
A ewe was purchased from Elaine Vogt, and the decision was made to go to Louisville.
The Vogt Ewe, EV141 was National Champion Ewe.  Bubba was Senior Champion Ram.  We also had Champion fall ewe, 2nd pair of yearling ewes, and 6th spring ewe lamb.
These sheep won the flock, which is pictured below.  We had arrived on the national scene.
In the midst of the show season, we had the opportunity to purchase the Feldspar flock from Ann Martin.  This was particularly intriguing, because of the progeny of Boomer, a ram she had purchased from Sue.  Along with the Boomer ewes, she had two great Judy Moore Ewes, G14 & G15.  These were both Stud ewes.  There was also a great old Vogt ewe, EV861 and Broward 706.
flk00_bCombining Anns genetic with the Fab 5 and
introducing "Willie" from the Willerton flock worked over many years to bring us to where we are today.  Our pedigree reads rich in Traglia breeding for several generations back.  
We pride ourselves in producing "breeding animals" that also can be shown.  When you
purchase an animal from us know that we have worked to create an animal that will produce predictable results for you.
Thank you for visiting our web site and enjoying Cheviot Sheep!
Dan and Sue  
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